Precision and relaxation = K-ERGOgrip 精度和放松=K-ERGOgrip

Absolute perfection at your fingertips. Working in partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer research institute, KaVo’s handpiece, whose design reflects the very best in ergonomics, is an absolute masterpiece. As part of the process of creating a handpiece for the KaVo K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive which would provide the ideal response to working needs, video analyses and practical tests involving volunteers were carried out.

The significantly reduced bend of the wrist supports a much more relaxed grip, optimising working conditions and enabling technicians to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Now, even tedious and complex tasks requiring maximum precision can be mastered “at the flick of a wrist”.

指端的绝对完美。通过与德国弗劳恩霍夫研究所合作,具有最佳人体工程学设计的卡瓦手机绝对是一项杰作。作为卡瓦K-ERGOgrip技工室驱动装置(对工 作需求提供理想的响应)创建手机进程的一部分,自动执行了视频分析和实际测试。显著减少了手腕弯曲度,可更为放松地持握,从而优化了工作条件,并使技术人员能够集中精力做好手头的任务。如今,即使是繁琐、复杂的任务,“挥动手腕”即可控制所需的最高精度。

The KaVo “relax bonus”: elongated angle for optimum ergonomics at work 卡瓦“relax bonus”:为工作时的最佳人体工程学设计延长角度。

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